Thank you to all who attended RJABC’s Annual General Meeting on November 2nd, 2022!

The AGM was well attended with many of our members, partners, and the larger restorative justice community present at the meeting. After hearing from Co-Chairs Alana Abramson and Suzanne Dorey, and Executive Director Christianne Paras, we shared a summary of the Listening Project final report.

We also presented RJABC’s Strategic Plan for the next five years!

RJABC’s Strategic Plan is comprised of four pillars:

Pillar 1 – Governance (internal)
Pillar 2 – Advancing RJABC’s mission
Pillar 3 – People & Culture (internal)
Pillar 4 – Communications

We look forward to the work ahead with a clear vision of RJABC’s initiatives and goals.

It was such an honour to be able to share our work in the past year and to look to the future of RJABC with our members and partners! Thank you for all of your support.