2024 RJABC Annual General Meeting Report

Thank you to everyone who attended RJABC's Annual General Meeting last Wednesday. It was wonderful to see so many of our members and partners in attendance! For those who were unable to attend, please find the AGM package attached with the annual reports presented by Co-Chairs Alana Abramson and Siobhan Brown, Executive Director Christianne Paras, and Treasurer Warren McDougall.

Call for Presenters

Restorative Justice Association of BC (RJABC) is excited to host its 2nd Provincial Restorative Justice Symposium (PRJS). PRJS seeks to offer engagement and learning opportunities for restorative justice programs, practitioners, advocates, and justice partners in building capacity for victim-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive restorative justice approaches.

Our Vision

RJABC envisions a province where restorative justice is known for quality, accessibility and innovation.

Our Values

Our Acknowledgement

The Restorative Justice Association of BC (RJABC) aims to promote connection, collaboration, and unity among restorative and Indigenous justice programs and initiatives throughout the province of British Columbia. Restorative justice has been shaped by traditional ways of knowing and the practices of Indigenous nations in this province, which we recognize and humbly acknowledge as a colonially defined area of land that forcefully superseded the traditional territories and relationships of at least 198 Indigenous Nations. Despite passing its Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act in November 2019, BC still has a long way to go before reconciliation is achieved. RJABC is ever mindful that we continue to live and work in unceded territories, and is committed to respecting the autonomy, dignity, and rights of Indigenous peoples.