Up to 15 directors can be elected or appointed to the RJABC Board of Directors. Directors represent a range of expertise and knowledge of the not-for-profit sector, board governance, and the delivery of restorative justice services in communities throughout BC.

Community Restorative Justice Program Board of Director representatives will be elected for a one-year term and all other director terms shall be for two years.

RJABC Board of Directors are sought with the following areas in mind:

  1. Restorative Justice Stakeholder Representation
  2. Skills, Knowledge & Experience
  3. Regional/Geographical Representation

Directors will be considered, prequalified and elected from organizations and individuals who are eligible for Full Voting Membership with the intention of having a  2/3 minimum of its directors as designated representatives of community based non-profit and municipal based restorative justice programs from the different geographical regions of British Columbia.

RJABC also seeks a range of key justice stakeholder representatives to provide a balanced perspective of justice in addressing the impacts of crime and wrongdoing on people and communities and in working towards more restorative, safe, and peaceful communities for all.

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2024-25 Board of Directors

Name Title
Alana Abramson Co-Chairperson
Taya Rankin Co-Chairperson
Warren McDougall Treasurer
Cheryl Letkeman Secretary
Evelyn Zellerer Director at Large
Roselle Quinones Director at Large
Jane Osborne Director at Large
Sgt. Mike Grandia Director at Large
Maya Mount Director at Large
Calvin Swustus Director at Large
Clare Jennings Director at Large